LL Berg advised CÉRÉA and AZULIS on the acquisition of Groupe PLANET SUSHI

Céréa Capital and Azulis have invested a 51% stake in Groupe Planet Sushi.


Established in 1998, Groupe Planet Sushi has recorded a turnover of 80 M€ in 2012.


LL Berg (Olivier Abergel and Gaëlle Quillivic) advised Céréa Capital (Gilles Sicard, Antoine Sage) and Azulis Capital (Pierre Jourdain, Yann Collignon) on Corporate and Tax issues.


LL Berg advised 123VENTURE on the sale of a 20MW solar power plant by SOLAIREDIRECT

Natixis Lease, Oseo, Groupe Crédit Agricole and 123Venture have led a €80M round of investment in Solairedirect.


Further to this financing, 123Venture acquired 3 solar power plants to Solairedirect.


SolaireDirect is the second Photovolataïc Electricity French Operator.


LL Berg (Olivier Abergel and Christophe Bornes) acted as legal advisor (Corporate and Finance) of 123Venture (Paul de Fréminville, Jean-Philippe Olivier and Anne-Sophie Baal).


Solairedirect was assisted by Lazard (Thomas Picard).


LL Berg advised ENVIRONMENTAL PULP PRODUCTS (E2P) on an Asset Purchase Deal in UK

LL Berg advised ENVIRONMENTAL Pulp Products, an industrial company, and Céréa Capital, an investment fund, on the acquisition of an asset of manufacturing of packing in moulded pulp located in Scotland by Barclays Limited.


Established in 1977, this industrial group is specialised in the manufacturing and the commercialization of trays, family packs, and cartons in moulded pulp for (i) packaging and transport of eggs and (ii) for hospital and health professionals. These products are distributed in France and abroad (Europe, Africa and Middle-East).


The deal was structured by LL Berg through an establishment of a Special Purpose Venture in Great Britain, subsidiary incorporated under the laws of England in order to acquire this asset and to develop the British market.


E2P (Bernard Rey) and his reference shareholder Céréa Capital (Antoine Sage) was assisted on Corporate, Tax and Banking issuesby LL Berg (Olivier Abergel, Christophe Bornes and Gaëlle Quillivic).


LL Berg acted as legal counsel on an investment fund structuring

Galaxy, an investment fund supported by «la Caisse des Dépôts” and its European homologues, created an investment fund specialised in transport infrastructure led by Philippe Mangeard (CEO of Ubifrance and the transport industrial, Modalhor).


The establishment of this fund of Private Equity has been greatly encouraged during the Grenelle Environment Forum.


LL Berg advised the management during the structuring of this fund.


MEDIASTAY secured a major financing round through a $21,5 million investment

Founded in 2000 by three young French entrepreneurs, and initially funded by HighCo and later on by Turenne Capital, Mediastay is a leading online sweepstakes publisher (,…) and a major publisher of casual games (,…). The games are monetized by lead generation, by the company’s own offer-based payment solution (OfferMatch) and by microtransactions. Its brands count more than 25 million members in 14 countries, with 7 million unique visitors per month (Source: Nielsen). Mediastay’s monetization technologies are used on its own web sites, third-party partner web sites as well as on Facebook applications. Known for its solid expertise, Mediastay also became the first French advertising company to be accredited by Facebook to provide advertising solutions for application developers.


LL Berg (Olivier Abergel and Anne Lafont) advised Turenne Capital and HighCo, former investors in Mediastay.


LL Berg advised CÉRÉA LBO funds regarding a Tender Offer on LEON DE BRUXELLES

LL Berg intervened as legal advisor within the framework of the association between OFI Private Equity and Céréa Capital and Céréa Mezzanine in the context of a tender offer on Leon de Bruxelles.


This association has been realised by (i) a growth capital and (ii) an issuance of bonds with warrants attached. 12 million of actions and 16 million of bonds with warrants have been issued to OFI Private Equity. A part of these actions and bonds with warrants have been immediately sold to Céréa Capital and Céréa Mezzanine. This association will allow to repay a part of the LBO debt from the tender offer.


LL Berg (Olivier Abergel and Christophe Bornes) represented Céréa Capital and Céréa Mezzanine (Gilles Sicard, Antoine Sage, Pierre Geerolf and Catherine Réquier).


LL Berg advised sellers on the sale of TOP INFO to COMPUTACENTER PLC

Computacenter plc, Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, announces that its subsidiary, Computacenter France SA, has acquired Top Info SAS and its subsidiaries, an information technology reseller of hardware, software and services, based in Paris, France.


Top Info currently operates from 4 locations in France and employs circa 240 people. Top Info primarily provides IT infrastructure product and supporting services to large corporations and the public sector in France. Their customer portfolio includes leading French companies such as SNCF, Crédit Agricole and EDF.


In the year ended 31 December 2010, Top Info’s PBT totalled a turnover of €147.2 million.


LL Berg (Olivier Abergel and Gaëlle Quillivic) acted as legal counsel of Managers and financial shareholders (IDI, Avenir Entreprise, CIC, OBC).


Natixis Finance (Dominique Benet and Jérôme Caldeira) acted as financial advisors.


LL Berg advised sellers on the sale of DESKOM to CEGEDIM

Cegedim, a global technology and services company specializing in the healthcare field, announces the acquisition of Deskom, a leading French B-to-B invoice dematerialization company. The deal is an opportunity for Cegedim EDI, its professional electronic data management department, to build on its leadership in the field.


The world leader in life sciences CRM, Cegedim is also one of the leading suppliers of strategic healthcare industry data. Cegedim employs 8,200 people in more than 80 countries and generated revenue of €922M in 2012. Cegedim SA is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: CGM).


LL Berg (Olivier Abergel and Gaelle Quillivic) acted as legal advisor of sellers.




LL Berg intervened as legal advisor within the framework of the acquisition of Buffalo Grill restaurants from Colony Capital by LBO.


Buffalo Grill, a leader of steakhouses, recorded a turnover of €573M in 2011 and has more than 328 outlets.


This acquisition has been realised at the instigation of Abenex Capital, Natixis Private Equity and Céréa Capital (funds specialised in Agro-Food).


LL Berg (Olivier Abergel, Christophe Bornes and Capucine Reme) represented Céréa Capital (Gilles Sicard and Antoine Sage).