LL Berg

CSR & Pro Bono

Both a witness and stakeholder in its environment, social responsibility is a key issue for LL Berg.

Our approach of social responsibility is above all expressed vis-à-vis our team through the continuous search to improve working conditions (e.g. regular individual workload) and by respecting working hours and seeking an appropriate work-life balance.

Since 2007, respect of diversity and equality and the absence of any form of discrimination have also constituted the main values incorporated at the heart of our growth strategy, in terms of both recruitment and internal promotion.

Indeed, at LL Berg internal recruitment is the favoured development method. The Partners therefore provide all employees with personal support in the form of a mentoring programme designed to enhance personal development with a view to gaining the status of Partner.

Our approach is also one of solidarity vis-à-vis new enterprise. Each year LL Berg supports a number of start-ups by providing them with a credit of hours, such that currently 4% of our chargeable hours are provided on a pro bono basis.

LL Berg is also active alongside Orange, Publicis and SFR as a member of 50Partners (www.50partners.fr), one of the most active incubators on the market. As part of this mentoring programme, our Partners therefore regularly provide selected young entrepreneurs with their support and the benefit of their expertise.