Mergers & Acquisitions : 300 Successful Transactions Led By LL Berg

Our Partners are fully immersed in the environment of Mergers & Acquisitions; over the years they have gained a comprehensive understanding of all the relevant codes, practices and networks.

The firm enjoys specialist expertise in the area of equity transactions and, since 2007, has provided support for managers, shareholders, large groups and medium-size companies to successfully complete their exit transactions, competitor takeovers, external growth operations, joint ventures, carve-outs, spin-offs and capital restructuring transactions.

We also provide our clients with support in order to optimise the tax and wealth aspects of their asset disposal.

In the area of financial markets law, we provide advisory services to companies and investors wishing to take control of a target via friendly or hostile takeovers. We also advise companies regarding IPO in order to finance their growth or structure investor exit strategies.