LL Berg intervened on the merger between Coralis Harle & Phelip and Jacobacci & Partners

Intervening for a hundred years in intellectual property consulting, Coralis Harle & Phelip is getting closer to the Italian group Jacobacci & Partners.

Coralis Harle & Phelip is deployed at four sites (Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux and Lyon) and earns 30% of its revenues from groups of the CAC 40. Thus expanding its European network, Jacobacci & Partners was founded in 1872 and now has eleven offices and totaled € 60 million in sales in 2015.

Sellers advisors: LL Berg (Grine Lahreche, Christopher Bornes, Anne Pelletier)

Financial advisors : CM-CIC SME Transactions (Franck Monnot)

Tax advisors : Jeausserand Audouard (Jérémie Jeausserand, Tristan Audouard and Carole Furst)

Purchaser advisors : Altana (Jean Nicolas Soret)