Hygeco does its MBO with Abénex

The group specialized in the post-mortem solutions, held by the Dutch De Facultatieve for ten years, is bought by its management team. To do so, the management team relies on Abénex, which takes a majority share, to accompany it in a new stage of development of its activities in France and internationally.

Hygeco is a group of 340 employees, which generates almost two-thirds of its € 31m in revenue in France in 2016. Hygeco also has a few locations in Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy : a presence in Europe that the new management now wants to strengthen.

LL Berg (Grine Lahreche, Nathalie Jacquart, Christophe Bornes and Bengu Sulusoglu) advised on the transactional and tax aspects on behalf of the Management.

VVG (Frédéric Grillier and Frédérick Wlodkowski) advised Abénex.

Volt (Alexandre Tron and Anaïs Borel) advised the banks involved in the financing of the operation.