House of HR and Bain Capital take control of ABMI

After 4 years of supporting the consulting firm in engineering and industrial innovation, Omnes sells ABMI to House of HR supported by Bain Capital.

During its partnership with Omnes, ABMI’s target was to increase its activity by 50%, but above all has favored the transformation of its model which has contributed to multiplying by 3 its Ebitda margin to 12% in 2022.

At the same time, Omnes partially reinvests alongside Bain Capital in House of HR.

As a result, the group will form a set of 280 M€ in turnover for 3,200 employees.

Omnes (Frédéric Mimoun and Pauline Chetaille) was advised by LL Berg (Gaëlle Quillivic, Julien Carrascosa and Nicolas Pegou) and Cambon Partners (Guillaume Teboul, Jonathan Journo, Samuel Koubi and Côme Mulle).

Management was advised by Orsan (David Sebban and Thomas Meric) and Keels (Laurent Partouche and Pierre-Olivier Madelon).