FCDE and BPI sell their stake in NES to SERMA Group, supported by Checkers

The FCDE and BPI announce they have sold their stake in NES, of which they had been shareholders since 2016, to the SERMA Group. NES is a recognized as a pure player in cybersecurity. SERMA Group is one of the French independent leaders in expertise and consulting services in the fields of technology, electronic systems and information systems. With more than 1,000 engineers and technicians, the group is established on 12 sites in France and Germany and achieves a turnover of 100 M€.

On this occasion, the FCDE and BPI invested alongside Checkers Capital in the SERMA Group to support the project. The acquisition of NES complements the current SERMA Safety & Security offering – known as S3.

LL Berg (Julien Carrascosa and Gaëlle Quillivic) advised FCDE (Benoît Sellam and Réjean Guern) and BPI (François Picarle).